4 easy ways to spruce up your work-from-home space

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With the UK under lockdown and the need for employers to protect their workforce during the phased return to work, working from home has become our new norm, and will likely continue for months to come.

While some of us are well accustomed to being productive at home, others rely on the framework of a designated office space to stay focused.

Whether you’re a home-working pro or a WFH newbie, a proper set-up is essential for working efficiently and successfully – even if from your dining table! Here are five simple tips to help you optimise your WFH space, and who knows, you might never want to return to the office again…

  1. Make it your own. This is especially important if you’ve moved back to your family’s house, or if you’re quarantining somewhere that doesn’t feel like your own space. Plus, if your corporate office is usually strict about what you can have on your desk at work, now’s the chance to thoughtfully decorate your space! Whether that’s having a framed picture nearby of people you miss, or a vision board reminding you of what goals you are working towards, use this new space as a chance to personalise and take ownership over your working environment.

  2. Let the light in. This year’s British summer has been kind to us so far, and natural light can help with everything from a positive attitude, energy to start the day earlier and good lighting for those Zoom calls! If you can, position yourself somewhere near a window where you have good access to natural light. If not, a good table lamp (ideally with a yellow bulb) will do the trick and illuminate your space.

  3. Declutter for a clearer mind. Most of us are working with a smaller or more unconventional desk space during lockdown (kitchen tables or dining tables, anyone?), which makes it even more important to be mindful about what you bring into this space. Get rid of stray bits like empty coffee mugs, receipts and general clutter and stick to the essentials: hydration, coffee, a notebook and pen, your laptop and anything else you need for work purposes only.

  4. Stand up for a change! As well as taking much needed breaks and getting movement and exercise, why not switch it up during the workday and spend a few hours standing? If you haven’t got a standing desk at home, stacking sturdy storage or cardboard boxes on your table (and further adjusting the height if needed by using coffee table books) will do the trick. Just make sure your shoulders are relaxed to avoid strain, and that your wrists are in line with your elbows when you type.

Good luck working from home, and let us know how you get on with these easy tips!


Photo by Djurdjica Boskovic on Unsplash


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