5 sustainable Easter activities - perfect for indoors

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Easter is fast approaching – and forty-something days ago we didn’t realise we’d be giving up this much for Lent! Each year Easter means a four day weekend – usually something to look forward to, but for most people this year it will be spent indoors in quarantine. 

But with that little bit of extra free time indoors during self-isolation, here are a few activity ideas that are fun and safe to do indoors, and are likely to be doable with what you already have at home. 


1. Eat some chocolate

In my last article I shared some of my favourite sustainable brands, and I talked about Seed and Bean chocolates. Well they’ve been kind enough to share a discount code for us all (not an ad; just out of kindness) and you save 20% off their vegan range of chocolate with the code STAYSAFEWITHSTEPH at checkout.


2. Decorate permanent eggs

If you don't like to waste eggs or you're trying to avoid plastic, you could try some wooden eggs instead. You can paint, stamp, or bedazzle them like real eggs, but they will keep a lot longer. You can always paint over them next year. 

 Wooden easter eggs

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash


3. Plan a hunt

If you’ve managed to get hold of some vegan chocolate since being locked down, or you have decorated your own eggs, why not plan a hunt and hide it around the house? Make your flatmate/partner/family members stay put in one room while you do some squirrelling away in the rest of the house. If you don’t have any chocolate eggs, you could leave clues (a scavenger hunt!) or hide something else – perhaps one of those many loo rolls you’ve got stashed away!? 


4. Make a bunny

Speaking of toilet rolls, hold on to the empty ones. If you’re feeling crafty, you could turn them into some bunny decorations. There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube – release your inner child!


Image from

You could even try folding a bunny out of a towel, or paper with an origami version. You’ve got nothing but time, after all!



5. Do some baking

Now if you prefer to eat what you make, you can also bake some bunnies – but don’t worry, they’re gingerbread! You can create a bunny biscuit using a regular gingerbread cutter, just like in this YouTube video.



I have a brilliant vegan gingerbread recipe in my Plant to Plate: Winter Warmers recipe book. Until April 12th you can buy both plant-based recipe eBooks for £14.99, simply by adding them both to your cart.



Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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