5 Tips to Help Stick to your Veganuary Goals, from a Five-Year-Vegan

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As we near the new year, we also near yet another month of Veganuary. Launching in 2014, this non-profit organisation has inspired millions of people around the globe to kickstart their journey to veganism, or even increase the participant’s consumption of plant based meals. This change is truly one of the best ways to start the New Year, for yourself, as well as our precious planet Earth.


Making the plunge myself just over five years ago, as well as being the only vegan within my family and group of friends for majority of the time that I have lived this lifestyle, I have been able to identify what certain practices have kept me on track despite it first being undeniably tricky in the beginning. I will be sharing five essential tips with you below.


5 Tips to Help Stick to your Veganuary Goals, from a Five-Year-Vegan 


1. Educate yourself!

Transitioning into veganism with strong intentions is vital if you are looking to maintain this new way of life. Before you go all in, prepare yourself by doing your research; there are a plethora of informative documentaries, books, and podcasts that are now available to help keep you on track. 


Additionally, having a strong reason as to why you are making this change will allow you to ward off any doubts or distractions that you may face throughout your Veganuary experience.


2. Get to know your simple staples

Veganism is much less complicated than you may think. Before you do your weekly food shop, prepare a grocery list to avoid feeling lost upon your arrival to your local grocery store, or solely sticking to the free-from section.


There are now plenty of vegan-friendly options that lovingly fill the shelves of almost every aisle, however, first focus on filling your basket with your list of staples that you can use to make a variety of meals. These can include beans, pulses, tofu, root vegetables, fruit, rice, and so much more!


3. Enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone

It wasn’t until I first transitioned into veganism that I found the love of my life—hummus. Following this discovery, I was also introduced to many more of my now favourite foods, that I had never even knew existed in my pre-vegan days. 


Trying new foods will most likely be a regularity when you first go vegan, and this is arguably the most enjoyable part of the process! Vegan foods are usually made with fun and unique ingredients and flavours that many people are not likely to use, producing new and creative meals. A few examples are cashew cheese, mushroom burgers, and raw cheesecakes made from a blend of nuts, seeds, and fruit. I promise, vegan meals taste delicious despite how questionable they may initially sound.


4. Embrace your personal pace

Transitioning into the vegan lifestyle can be a large change for many individuals; be compassionate with yourself, and take your journey one step at a time… or all steps, all at once.


Everyone is different! Some may feel that eating a few non-vegan meals a week when they first begin is what will work, whilst some make the change overnight! Avoid comparison, and focus on practicing what works best for you.


5. Join a vegan community, online or in real life 

If you are taking on Veganuary alone and you are surrounded by friends or family that follow a contrasting lifestyle, this can make your journey slightly strenuous. 


Surrounding yourself with people that you can discuss veganism with will keep you on track, supplying you with an abundance more of inspiration. There is now a large community of vegans all around the world on Instagram, showcasing their homemade vegan meals, as well as their favourite vegan restaurants. This is only one of the many vegan communities that now exist, and these online communities can even extend into real life connections and newfound friends as well!




If you are planning to partake in Veganuary 2021, let go of any worrisome thoughts that you may have. This change is such an enjoyable experience! Prepare by doing your research while you can, supplying yourself with knowledge through informative documentaries or positive content online!

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