5 ways to use our silicone pouches - that aren't food

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Sasstainable reusable silicone pouches are a great alternative to single-use cling film, tin foil and plastic sandwich bags, which add to land fill - but they're not just for leftovers! You can utilise the pouches for more than food; and we're sharing our top 5 uses here!

 Set of three silicone pouches

1. Make up pouch

Sasstainable silicone pouches are super easy to clean, and because they come in three sizes, there's definitely one to fit ALL of your brushes, pencils, make up and more. Pop it all in a pouch and avoid purse powder spills!

2. Wet kit

We've all been there - you've just had a swim or a sweaty gym sesh, and it's time to shower and get out of there.... what do you do with the stinky wet gear? Rather than picking up a single-use plastic bag, pop your wet stuff in a pouch!

3. Art supplies

Whether it's coloured pencils, paints and brushes or buttons, needle and thread, our pouches are a great way to keep all of your art and craft supplies together (and to keep paint and colour off everything else!).

4. Zero waste shopping

If you haven't tried zero-waste shopping, you're missing out! You can take your own containers and fill them up with exactly the right amount of grains/nuts/seeds that you need - and our pouches are perfect for avoiding packaging waste!

5. Tech pouch

If you're out for the day or away for the weekend, you want to make sure all your chargers, cables, battery packs, camera lenses, bike lights and all that tech stuff is easy to grab and stays safe and try. Pop it all in a pouch and you're good to roll!

Silicone Pouch sustainable

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