Going Vegan: 10 Easy Food Swaps

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It's January! Which means many people are giving Veganuary a try. Whether you've taken the pledge or not, here are 10 easy vegan swaps that will help you consume more sustainably this January. 

Swap: milk 
For: oat milk, almond milk or soy milk 

There are so many dairy alternatives now available at high street and local coffee shops! You can't beat an oat milk flat white - my favourite!

Swap: cream
For: coconut cream

Perfect in curries and stews, coconut milk in a can gives that creamy texture that's just delicious. 

Swap: scrambled eggs
For: scrambled tofu

Swap eggs for a block of firm tofu crumbled and fried up with herbs and spices - this is sure to impress even the most dedicated omnivores!

Swap: chicken nuggets
For: Quorn 
nuggets or Little Peckers by the Vegetarian Butcher

Hands down the crispiest and tastiest treat for when you feel like something fried - just pop them in the oven! I challenge your non-vegan friends to tell the difference!

Swap: mince meat
For: lentils

If you're making a bolognese or tacos, lentils are cheaper than meat, full of fibre and keep in your cupboard until you need them!

Swap: Honey
For: Agave, date or maple syrup

Lots of people forget that honey comes from bees and they're animals too! Give date or maple syrup or agave a try in your baking or your tea. 

Swap: Parmesan cheese
For: Nutritional yeast

Want that cheesy flavour sprinkled on top of your food? Nutritional yeast doesn't have the most delicious sounding name, but it tastes like parmesan and it's high in B-12 (which is often something plant-based eaters need more of).

Swap: mayonnaise
For: hummus

Mayonnaise is usually made with eggs and olive oil - so it can be a good addition to to a dry or boring sandwich. Why not try hummus instead? Made of chickpeas and sesame seed paste, it's full of yum! My favourite hummus recipe can be found in my recipe ebook Plant to Plate - check it out

Swap: pulled pork
For: jackfruit

Jackfruit was originally grown in India, but has hit UK shores in the last few years. It has a texture just like pulled pork, so it's great in burgers or stews - especially with that sticky barbecue flavour!

Swap: milk chocolate
For: dairy-free chocolate or dark chocolate

Lots of vegans miss milk chocolate, but you won't miss anything if you pick the right vegan chocolates! My favourite brands are Doisy and Dam and Conscious Chocolates for dairy-free deliciousness! And - did you know that most dark chocolates are dairy-free? Look for a high cocoa percentage and check the label for a vegan treat!


Photo by Natanja Grün on Unsplash

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