How to make this Mother's Day a sustainable one

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Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, 22nd March. If you’re stuck for what to give mum this year, we’ve got five sustainable gift ideas that will ensure you’re the favourite!

Forget flowers, give a plant

We said it for valentine’s day and we’ll say it again! Plants can be just as colourful as flowers but tend to last a lot longer. Since plants will stick around (with a bit of care) they’re a lasting reminder of your love for this special lady! Over 90% of UK flowers are imported, mostly from the Netherlands. Chemical sprays freeze flowers to extend life, not to mention the carbon footprint of getting them to your door. So if mum has a green thumb, a plant is sure to impress.

Self-care certificate

Make mum feel special by giving her some time out from the everyday! Try a gift certificate for an experience; one preferably for an eco-conscious small business. It could be for a massage with essential oils, a facial using natural products or a voucher for a yoga workshop.

Give her a night (or week) off cooking

She fed you when you were little, so now it’s your turn! There are some great delivery boxes available which make eating plant-based easy and tasty. Try ODDBOX for a veggie delivery of funny-shaped delights that didn’t quite make it to the supermarket. Mindful Chef has a great selection of recipe kits which are organic, gluten and dairy free and allplants does frozen vegan meals, which you can pop straight in the oven.

Sustainable cutlery

A Sasstainable cutlery set is (of course) the ideal gift for mum! Packed and shipped from my mum (Mama Sue) to yours, the sets come packaged perfectly to give as a present. We also have our range of bamboo straws, if your mum likes a smoothie or soft drink! Or go all in and get her both, plus a toothbrush!

Plant-based beauty

There’s never been a better selection of vegan beauty and skin care available. Brands like Lush, Avon and Deciem have massive ranges with products to suit every gift budget.

Natural cleaners

Now it may be controversial, but I know some mums actually ask for it as a gift… cleaning products! If there’s a way you can make mum’s day while also making her a bit more sustainable, you could look to replace some common household cleaning items as a gift. Think face cleaning cloths (instead of make up remover wipes), a reusable cotton bud, reusable cleaning cloths, soap nuts and more. There are plenty of ways to help her make her place greener and cleaner!

Get creative in the kitchen

There's nothing mums love more than when you put time and thought into a handmade gift - remember that macaroni necklace you gave her when you were in kindergarten? She probably still has it in a cupboard somewhere! It just so happens that baking is thoughtful and can make a budget-friendly gift. There are lots of plant-based recipes you can try, and a couple of impressive-looking ones over on the Sasstainable instagram account - like Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies and Mini Pavlovas!


Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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