Three Simple Promises You Can Keep After Veganuary Ends

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It’s been two months since Veganuary ended, and while some people will have managed to maintain a vegan diet since the start of the year, some may be enjoying eating meat and dairy products again. Either way, labels such as “vegan” or “vegetarian” don’t have to dictate everything, as they assume a definitive, all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to diet and nutrition. In reality, we all have days when we are largely vegan or vegetarian (even if this is by accident), and days when we might consume more animal products than usual. Wherever you are on your plant-based journey, here are three easy ways to incorporate the benefits of Veganuary, without the stringent commitment, into your everyday routines.


1. Buy multipack vegan snacks to get you through a busy week

If you’re not ready to commit to plant-based meals, make sure your fridge and pantry are stocked with vegan/vegetarian snacks to keep you fuelled between lunch and dinner. Snack-sized hummus multipacks are available in the fridge section of all major supermarkets, but if you’re feeling environmentally friendly, buy a large tub and portion the hummus into smaller Tupperware for the week. Better yet – gather the ingredients to whip up a creamy homemade hummus using a blender or food processor!


2. Commit to Meatless Monday

… because one day a week is better than none! Start the week off on a good note by sticking to a vegetarian diet: whether that means bringing salads from home or picking up your favourite meat-free options from fast-casual dining spots on your lunch break, start small by committing to Meatless Monday and see how you feel after a few weeks. London’s hotspots including Pret, Eat, Leon and Itsu all stock a variety of vegan/vegetarian options for accessible price points, whether its Western or Asian food you’re craving. Your energy levels, skin, digestion and overall health will thank you.


3. Try a new plant-based restaurant every month 

Meal prep is fun, but who doesn’t love eating out once in a while? Next time you treat yourself to a nice meal with friends, see if you can pick a nice vegan restaurant to enjoy together. London’s options are endless: from Ethos in Fitzrovia where you can pay for your food by weight, to Farmacy in Notting Hill with more innovative, upscale dishes, you’d be hard pressed to find a neighbourhood without a solid vegan option. Plus, taking cues from restaurant dishes to see how vegan food can be made into exciting, flavourful and nourishing meals might just be the inspiration you need to cook up a plant-based storm at home!


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