Waste-free, Winter warming recipes

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Winter is coming. Yes, we have waited all year to write this line.


It is time to whip out the pots and pans and put away the blenders (unless needed to cook up a soup rather than a smoothie), and start creating the ultimate comfort foods.


We like to do it waste-free here at Sasstainable, so we have scouted out some of the most delicious, warming, and nourishing winter-warmers that are not only waste-free, but completely plant-based too.


  1. Christmas in a Sourdough Sandwich

The flavours of the juicy pear and refreshing beetroot are just as beautiful as its very colours. This ultimate sustainable sandwich is the biggest reminder that Christmas is on the horizon; I mean, the sandwich in itself looks like a classic Christmas ornament.

Find the recipe by flowersinthesalad here.


  1. Cauliflower Cheese Toastie

Satisfy your comfort cravings with a classic cheese toastie, redefined.


This creative twist on the cheese toastie is nourishing, comforting, and most importantly, vegan. Use up your cauliflower and whip out your nooch, and make this winter favourite in your fluffiest socks—it’s time to get cosy.

Find the recipe on madebyblitz’s Instagram page here.


  1. Beetroot and Horseradish Soup

Bright and beautiful, this refreshingly comforting soup is the perfect winter warmer on a chilly evening. With this recipe, feel free to whiz in any wilting veggies, not only to spruce up your soup, but also to reduce any possible food waste!

Find the recipe by Katie here.


  1. Nourishing Nut Roast

You cannot get more Christmas-y than Nut Roast when it comes to plant-based recipes. 


This nutritious and delicious recipe is made with a focus on reducing any food wastage by maximising the use of vegetable peelings and trimmings, creating everything from the roast itself to the plant-based gravy.

Find the recipe by CNM here.



It is never too early for Christmas. As the temperatures quickly begin to drop, start warming up with these wonderful, waste-free winter recipes that you can enjoy either at home, or to bring along with you into the office… if these are yet to become one and the same.

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