Why it is More Important Now than Ever Before To Practice Sustainability in 2021

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2020 may have been a crisis in and of itself, however as we enter a new year, it is important that we tackle yet another worldwide crisis that can affect all of us if we do not take action as soon as possible. 


Our precious environment is unfortunately in danger—a climate crisis—and although it may be a truly terrifying truth to unveil, being conscious of this can push people to make changes, no matter how small they may be.


How is sustainability defined?

Before we delve into the current state, or better yet, climate of our planet, it is firstly important to understand that sustainability is defined by the ability to maintain environmental and ecological balance in order to avoid the depletion of vital natural resources.


Through practicing sustainability, we are able to enhance the quality of our environment; from the air, to our natural resources. This is essential for us to thrive as a planet; a healthy environment leads to a healthy community.

Why we need to take action now more than ever before?

2020 may have seemed like the holiday our planet needed. With less people roaming about, a large decrease in transportation both in air and on land, and less emission of fossil fuels altogether; however, unfortunately, our environment precedes to to worsen.


The sudden changes that had occurred within 2020 had not only disrupted the lives of people around the world, it had also effected the state of flow for sustainable development, stunting large progression that had been planned for the year. Additionally, being faced with a global pandemic had resulted in many individuals leaving their sustainable efforts on the back burner. Studies show that consumer habits have changed throughout the year, creating new environmental issues; this includes an increase in online shopping and consumption of takeout food, all of which are heavily reliant on overusing packaging or single-use plastics.


As we begin a-new, it is vital that we re-evaluate our daily habits, and look into what we can do to in order to work toward a more Earth-friendly lifestyle.


Simple steps to work toward a more sustainable future, that everyone can take.

  1. Support sustainable businesses

Supporting independent is of great importance as of current, especially as many independent businesses were faced with burdening uncertainty throughout 2020. 


Support independent businesses as much you possibly can, especially the businesses that are partaking in sustainable practices. This can allow you to support the environment collectively, making an even bigger impact. 

  1. Donate unused items

Whether it be a coat that simply fails to match any of your outfits, or a toaster that you never seem to use, rather than throwing these items away or leaving them be, why not donate these items instead? 


When throwing these items away, their new home becomes the landfill, whereas the lives of these items can be extended when donated, and to a home where-in they are in good, valued use. 

  1. Vocalise your values

If you are knowledgable about the current state of our environment, or if even if you are simply interested in incorporating more Earth-friendly efforts into your daily life, voice these values to the people around you. Engaging in a simple discussion with friends, family, or a stranger, may encourage them to change their way of life. Plant the seed. 

  1. Eat a more plant-based diet 

Making small changes to the way that you eat can make a large impact on the environment, as well as your overall wellbeing.


Through reducing your consumption of meat, research shows that this leads to a high reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases. Additionally, agriculture accounts for about 70 percent of freshwater use; through decreasing your consumption of meat, food production would require much less water.




As we enter every new year, many of us create resolutions. With the climate that our beloved planet is facing at the moment, there is no better time than now to create resolutions that revolve around creating a better environment for Mother Earth. 



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