Plant a tree with your order

Plant a tree with your order

Add this item to your order and we'll plant a tree on your behalf for £1.

Treeapp enables anyone to plant a tree!

Planting activities are performed by local tree-planting NGO’s, who make sure every single tree they plant benefits endemic species and local communities.

Treeapp has partnered with 7 tree planting NGOs to plant trees around the world. All have met the internal criteria surrounding ethical tree planting, transparency and use-of-funds. All tree planting activities not only have environmental benefits, but also a social and economic impact by working closely with local communities.

To date, Treeapp has funded the planting of over hundreds of thousand of trees:

  • Africa: Madagascar, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, Guinea, Mozambique, Kenya
  • Americas: Brazil, Peru, Haiti
  • Asia: Nepal, Indonesia