5 medium reusable silicone pouches folded flat
Aerial view of hot food in the three reusable pouch sizes
Medium reusable pouch filled with soup in the fridge
Three reusable pouches containing picnic food
The medium reusable pouch containing nuts being opened by a pair of hands
Medium reusable pouch filled with nuts being sealed close by a pair of hands

Bundle: Medium reusable pouches x 5

These babies are the reusable answer to the single-use sandwich bags we all know and love! They are perfect for using in the freezer, storing left overs, for travelling with on-the-go snacks and lunch boxes!

This bundle contains five of the 1000mL (medium) size reusable silicone pouches - perfect for prepping your lunches ahead for the week, or packing everything up for a picnic. Bought separately, the RRP for 5 pouches is £64.95. Save £9.96!

Pouches are: 
BPA, BPS and Fillers Free
Dishwasher Safe
Freezer Safe (up to -40℃)
Microwave Safe
Oven Safe (up to 240℃)
Food Safe
100% Platinum Silicone

Don’t forget to ‘burp your bags’! Squeeze out any excess air and press the seal tight shut. If you don’t, they can pop open.

[Note: This product is for 5 medium pouches only (1000mL); some images show comparison to the small (500mL) and large (1500mL) size]