5 Journal Prompts To Support Your Mental Health, and Encourage Self-Love

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Whilst we are advised to stay home and socially distance, this has given many of us the opportunity to ponder more on our thoughts, perhaps causing a feeling of overwhelm; it can even push us to rely on certain distractions in order to quieten our thoughts or avoid embracing particular emotions. However, embracing these emotions are not practiced enough; our current situation can be used as the perfect opportunity to look inward and reflect on how we are truly feeling. 


The Science Behind Self-Awareness

Embracing your emotions can seem like an uncomfortable, or even daunting experience for some, however it can allow you to push past any limiting beliefs about yourself, and launch you closer to your goals. 


Science says that self-awareness is linked to self-regulation. In other words, getting to know who you truly are by slowly uncovering all layers from within, can guide you in regulating your emotions and dealing with any difficult situation. 


Get to know your soul. Doing this can open the door to transforming into the best, most efficient, and most powerful version of yourself.

The Secret to Self Awareness

There are many methods that one can use in order to get to know oneself, however there is one in particular that stands out. 


Journalling. Journalling has been proven to be one of the best forms of self-expression. Although widely used methods such as verbal communication or exercise can be just as powerful, writing out your thoughts has been shown to be highly beneficial, and it is also accessible for anyone and everyone, making this practice sustainable in supporting mental wellbeing. Journalling allows us to uncover not only how we are feeling in the moment, but also the reason behind these emotions without the fear of judgement holding you back. This proactive practice can be thoroughly therapeutic for many. Additionally, journalling has been shown to be effective in increasing stability and focus, empowering individuals, and letting go of past experiences.


5 Journal Prompts to Start Out With 


1. What are my 3 intentions for today?

Starting off your day with setting intentions, is setting yourself up for success.


These intentions will settle into your subconscious and assert more meaning into your day, supplying you with the drive and motivation to accomplish any goal. Through keeping your list of intentions to a simple number of of 3-5 can allow you to hone in on a specific set on  in comparison to the pressure that can be created from a long, complex list. 



2. I am…

Affirmations have become an increasingly popular tool used within self-care practice, and with good reason. 


Writing out positive thoughts about yourself can be difficult at first for some; it may feel in-genuine—forced, even. However, we can assure you that this soon gets easier. This can guide you in transforming the way that you view yourself, and the way that you experience life on a daily basis.



3. I am grateful for…

Have you ever woken up to a wave of negative or worrisome thoughts that immediately impact your mood and energy levels?


Through acknowledging the blessings that you have in your life, no matter how small they may be, this can transform your state of mind in an instant. Try it out—this can change your feelings of worry to instantaneous wander.



4. What areas of my life are holding me back?

This one question can reveal many things.


It is not often that one asks this question, however it holds high power. Simply taking the time to acknowledge all factors that are limiting you, whether it be an experience, a person, or your surroundings, can unveil just what you may need in order to unlock the best version of yourself.



5. What are 3 goals that I can focus on working towards today?

When making a list of goals for the day, it can usually be more effective to keep it short and simple. 


Hone in on a short list of specific goals that you can work towards today, and stray away from pressuring yourself with a lengthy to-do list. This can encourage you to heighten your focus on the more important tasks at hand.




Take this time away from endless social activities or your busy schedule to get to know who you truly are. This is your time to focus on taking care of yourself, enabling you to grow and flourish like never before.


Stay safe, stay sustainable, and as always, stay sassy. 

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