3 Essentials Steps to Making the Perfect Coffee at Home

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Coffee makes the world go round—that’s the saying, right?


Ah, coffee. Our hearts race just thinking about it (literally). This delightfully bitter, warming, and mind-stimulating drink has become an integral part within the morning routines of many, especially when it includes a daily trip to your local cosy cafe. However, now that many of us have been advised to stay home once again, the comforting cafe experience is, for now, a distant memory until the near future. 

Although we are to stay within the confides of our homes for the next few weeks, this does not mean we have to miss out on a quality cuppa. Here are 3 essential steps to brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home:


  1. Invest in good quality, eco-friendly coffee beans

Fresh, whole, sustainably sourced coffee beans are the way to go.


Whilst ground coffee may be the easier option, the experience simply does not equate to the one provided by fresh coffee beans. Coffee is the most flavoursome and rich within it’s first few days upon being roasted, whereas most bags of ground coffee are made up of beans that are likely to have been roasted months back. 


You can find freshly roasted coffee beans from your local, independent stores or suppliers. This is also an amazing way to support independent businesses, and build your local economy. 


2. Use filtered water

Yes, the water you use matters!


When using tap water, the change in flavour is evident in your morning mug. The use of filtered water not only affects the flavour, it also impacts the strength of your coffee due to its mineral content. 


Stray away from the use of plastic bottles, and invest in an at-home water filter jug. These are affordable and take only minutes to transform your tap water into distilled water! Use good quality water for good quality coffee. 


3. Steamed milk makes for a steamy coffee

Coffee truly is not the same without having a mountain of froth poured into it. 


To finish off your perfect quarantine cuppa, top it off with frothy milk, and to make your coffee even more earth-friendly, why not use plant-based milk? There are countless electric milk frothers and steamers that are available to buy online, and we believe that they are most definitely worth buying if you are looking to re-create a coffee just as good as your coffee shop usual. 



A note from the Sasstainable team

As we are now in the midst of yet another lockdown, it is important to find gratitude and joy in even the smallest of practices. Whether this be through making a lovely cup of coffee, or dancing your way through these next few weeks, make the time to discover hobbies and interests that will bring you happiness on the daily.

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