Six Shocking Documentaries on Sustainability to Watch Over the Second Lockdown

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It is official. We have ridden the first wave, and now we are met with another. Everyone buckle in as the UK braves it’s second lockdown.


Now that many of us will be spending much more time at home, it is important that we keep our brains active and our mental health in the best shape possible. Following the initial lockdown, it has become evident that COVID-19 has put not only our physical health at stake, but our mental health too. Spending weeks inside the home, with little to no human connection, can truly cause many to suffer psychologically. 


Although we have an array of useful blog posts that include many tips to support your mental health whilst staying home, this blog post will be focusing on documentaries that you can watch in your free time, to feed your brain with new information.


Here are a few of our favourite documentaries on Sustainability:


1. Cowspiracy

A documentary that explores environmentalism excellently. 


This informative documentary delves deep into the root of the issue, animal agriculture, by uncovering the shocking impact that it has on the environment; from deforestation, to carbon emissions, and more. 


2. Minimalism

Discussing the modern idea “minimalism”, this documentary is able to bring the concept of “having less” to light.


Minimalism is a simple, yet eye opening must-watch.


3. The True Cost

Uncovering the unappealing truth on some of the biggest fashion industries in our world today, The True Cost is a stand-out documentary that exhibits the impact of clothing production on the environment.


This movie is sure to make a difference on the way that you buy your clothes.


4. Earthlings

Heart-wrenching and raw. 


This documentary is less focused on sustainability, however it unveils the heart-breaking reality of the cruelty that lies within the animal agriculture industry.


After causing you countless gasps, jaw drops, and even possibly, tears (and many of them), Earthlings then discusses the environmental impact of agriculture as it comes to an end, making the message even more impactful.


5. Chasing Coral

Shedding light on the rapid loss of our coral reefs, Chasing Coral includes a team of professionals, and even more importantly, people that are passionate about maintaining the wellbeing of our beautiful oceans. They delve (literally) into the depths of this issue in order to reveal the mysterious loss of our precious reefs. 


6. The Game Changers

A game-changing documentary.


The Game Changers presents the incredible effects of eating a plant based diet. This documentary includes multiple household names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton, and many more, effectively pushing the message of the vegan diet.


This impactful documentary will leave you with the understanding that tofu can in fact make you tough, and eating green is a great way to support our planet.



Although we have yet again been guided into the chaotic yet calming, and of course, confusing experience that is lockdown, this time is an opportunity to look further into ourselves. Let us make the most of this second lockdown, and learn what we can do to better who we are as individuals, as well as our beautiful Mother Earth.


Stay safe, stay sustainable, and as always, stay sassy. 

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