Fun, Vegan Lunches That are Waste and Cruelty Free

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As we slowly progress back into our “normal” routines, which truly are yet to return to normal, our lifestyles are slowing speeding up after the stillness that retained within may of our routines through lockdown, and eating on-the-go is coming back into fashion.

Come back into work or school completely prepared, by preparing nourishing lunches that are waste-free. Ditch the takeaways or packaged products; there is nothing better than fresh, homemade meals.

Here are 5 sustainable, zero-waste recipes that you can easily prepare within 10 minutes or less:


1. Chickpea Almond Pancakes Pancakes for lunch? Yes please.

Make this savoury and satisfying lunch dish to take with you on your busy day. If you are a fan of making fresh, homemade almond milk, you can use your leftover almond pulp to create this delectable recipe, making it free from any waste!

Find the recipe here.


2. Stem-Based Burgers Burgers are never a bad idea.

Take a nourishing burger to pair with homemade bread, salad, or a stew. These take only a few minutes to blitz and blend, and 15 minutes to bake! Why not cook these up whilst having breakfast this morning?

Find the recipe here.


3. Sweet potato and black bean salad

Use up your root vegetables by roasting them
all at once, and creating a delicious dish out of them! This is an easy way to get in your 5-a-day, as well as boosting your fibre intake.

This warming recipe is the perfect way to re-fuel mid-day whilst at work. Find the recipe here.

4. Plant-Based Hummus Calzone
This is the perfect comfort lunch to take with you on a day that you just know is going to be fully loaded.

If you’ve got that slight bit of hummus left that you aren’t too sure when to use, load it all up in this delicious calzone recipe!

Find the recipe here.


5. Creamy Cashew and Lettuce Soup
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Use those last few limp leaves of lettuce to it’s best ability by transforming it’s flavour completely within this delectable cashew and lettuce soup. Taking only a few minutes to blend everything together, pack this in a container, and enjoy with homemade bread whilst you’re out and about.

Find the recipe here.

Level up your lunch game by making is sustainable and plant-based, therefore being beneficial to both your wellbeing, as well as the planet’s! Oh, and don’t forget to take your Sasstainable cutlery sets with you whilst you are on the go as well!

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