About Our Postage & Packaging

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As we approach one year since Sasstainable started, we wanted to share a little bit about our postage and packaging!

Our Packaging

All of our products are carefully hand wrapped and packaged in recycled cardboard boxes or envelopes. When you're done with the wrapping, return it to your recycling bin!

And you can rest assured no petrochemicals have been used in the printing of our recipe cards and tissue paper - they have all been made with soy-based ink!

Our Postage

You may notice that we use Royal Mail. While this may not be the cheapest delivery method, there's a story behind why we do it! 

We've been posting via Royal Mail at our local outlet for almost a year now. While we're there, we love having a chat with Terry and his wife Theo. They are incredibly helpful and ensure all of your packages get to you safely with the right amount of postage! Terry and Theo's biggest fear is their post office being closed down: if Royal Mail feels their store is not used enough, that might very well happen. So they love when we arrive with bags of deliveries! 

By using Royal Mail we're making sure our local businesses are sustainable, just like our products.


Our delivery prices and timelines reflect the care and attention to detail we give to make sure opening our packages is a delight - all the while ensuring we're acting sustainably for the environment and local businesses. 

We know you can't wait to get your Sasstainable goodies - so we appreciate your patience! 


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