Self Care Sundays | Simple, soothing ways to practice sustainability on a Sunday

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Sunday? More like sigh-nday. Before you delve into this blog post, take the time to take a deep sigh of relief as you have finally reached the end of the week.

The overwhelming nature of our busy schedules can truly get the best of us. Rather than utilising your time off this Sunday to stress about what’s to come as we near yet another week of long to-do lists and heavy work loads, choose to, instead, be present; this time is yours to refresh your mind and re-fuel your creativity through practicing soothing yet sustainable practices that not only benefit your mental health, but your very planet as well.

There is no better than day than Sunday to surrender to the present moment and truly get the rest that you need. Here are a few of our favourite restful practices that can also build your sustainable habits:

1. It’s time to get creative!
If you’re definitely one to spend your money on new stationary, clothes, or even food, why not get creative

at home by recreating your favourite items? Through producing your own items, whether it be furniture or a loaf of sourdough, you are reducing potential build-up of waste in your home. This soothing practice is also an important way to support your mental health and cognitive function.

2. Travelling somewhere? Why not walk it?
Rather than hopping on a bus to do your end-of-the-week shop, why not take a soothing Sunday stroll to

your nearest supermarket or independent food store to grab your essentials?

Walking is an underrated practice of self-care; this low-impact form of exercise allows you to move your body, therefore promoting the production of endorphins, and helping one break out of any negative thought patterns. Additionally, walking is an amazing way to reduce your carbon footprint—even if you choose to choose walking as your form of transport only once a week, you are already greatly reducing your contribution to the release of greenhouse gases.


3. Start growing plants.
Friends are great, but have you ever owned a plant?

Start growing your loving army of plant children, and see the benefits that these wonderful sprouts of joy can have on your mental health. Not only are plants an amazing way to boost your levels of happiness whilst at home, they also work to absorb carbon dioxide whilst releasing oxygen, therefore contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

4. Support local.
If your way of self-soothing is through popping into the shops and buying yourself a few treats, why not take

the time this Sunday to visit your local independent stores which surely have plenty of beautiful and one-of-a-kind treats you can take home with you?

Whilst you’re at it, take the time to have a little chat with the owners or workers at the store. The setting is usually much more intimate, allowing you to take the time to get to know the people who work there —after having a lovely chat, you are likely to leave feeling much lighter than when you arrived.

Sundays are made for resting, so make the most of this slightly slower day of the week by resting your mind, body, and soul, and refuelling yourself for the week to come.

What are your favourite forms of self-care? Let us know on our social pages for a share!

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