Why gardening is the new pilates | Gardening for fitness, mental health, and peace of mind.

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The plethora of trends that have emerged throughout lockdown have been interesting to say the least, however gardening may have to be our favourite one yet.

Bringing peace, stillness, and mindfulness into the home, this underrated practice is something that we should all be keeping in our routines post-pandemic, due to it’s healing effects on the mind, body, and soul.

Many of us are already aware that spending more time outside can be beneficial for our wellbeing, both mentally and physically, however gardening accelerates its benefits through bringing even more life to the time that you spend under the sun. Through creating your very own garden, this proactive practice promotes the production of endorphins, and can allow you to unleash your creative abilities. The nurturing nature of gardening is truly nourishing to the soul.

Here are several evidence-based benefits to back the beauty of gardening:


1. Brain-boosting

As gardening requires a lot of activity, this serves as a form of physical exercise, therefore awakening the brain and releasing endorphins—otherwise known as happy hormones. Additionally, the oxygen released by plants can enhance the performance of our brains.


2. It enhances focus

Science suggests that through gardening, we activate our mode of focused attention, which involves productivity and fascination. The combination of the two can allow us to alleviate any feelings of tension or stress, especially when we feel under pressure, therefore clearing our minds completely of any hindering thoughts.

3. Development of a Growth Mindset

A Growth Mindset is defined by being open to learning continuously, therefore enabling

one to view each “failure” as a lesson, and influencing the choice to grow from each and every experience.

Through gardening, this mindset can be adopted through the wondrous uncertainty of it all! Plants can be incredibly unpredictable as, unlike many of the newest releases in modern technology, we do not have complete control of them. Their growth mainly lies in the hands of nature. Through gardening, however, it makes it easier to accept these little “failures” and keep going until the plants are healthy and happy!


4. It is utterly relaxingpage1image1009216

Studies have shown that gardening can put us completely at ease as it surrounds us with nature; as humans, we are predisposed to respond in this way to natural environments. Additionally, being surrounded by the colour green has been linked to a reduction in levels of anxiety and depression, whilst enhancing one’s ability to recover to physical and mental experiences.

Overall, gardening is not a practice to be taken lightly. This may be just as impactful as your morning run, evening meditation, or weekly pilates class. Even better, it is completely accessible to anyone and everyone!

Brb, grabbing our seeds and watering cans. Who else is off to start planting their gardens?

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