The Top 5 Sustainable, Female-Led Activewear Brands Now

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Although lockdown has hit us with a tidal wave of emotions, it has also taught us many lessons Through the stinging silence of lockdown, our priorities were also able to slowly shift; from focusing purely on work or getting through a non-stop schedule, week after week, we were able transition into thinking about what truly matters… Banana bread and sourdough (obviously).


In all seriousness, lockdown enabled many of us to finally take a step back, and instead, take a step forward in caring for both ourselves as well as our planet. Merging the two together, we have curated a list of the best, female-led Sustainable active wear brands out there now, so you can kill it in every workout, whilst supporting the planet as well as some boss women too!


  1. Silou

This beautifully feminine, sleek, and premium fitness wear brand will elevate your motivation for fitness from a mere glance of their leggings and sports bras.


Founded by a powerful pair of women, Tatiana Kovylina and Phoebe Greenacre, the two have brought together their love for fitness and functionality, by creating a luxury fitness line that women can slay whilst spinning, just as much as they can when running for their weekly food shop.


Silou focuses on producing luxurious, performance-tested fitness wear through utilising premium fabrics that are non-toxic, sustainable, and body shaping.


Shop Silou now.



A fitness brand that screams “badass”. 


Each TALA piece is carefully thought through, and made to be worn by the masses by complimenting and shaping any body type. 


Founded by entrepreneur, Grace Beverley, she works to uplift and empower women through her beautifully built brand. She is undoubtedly a woman to look up to, and continues to break the glass ceiling on the regular.


TALA is loud and proud with each of their sustainable practices, which we absolutely adore. Going beyond merely maintaining their eco-friendly ethics, TALA utilises their platform to educate thousands of people about a multitude of societal and environmental issues on a daily basis. 


Shop TALA now.


3. Contur

Bring confidence with you wherever you go with Contur.


Contur focuses on empowering women through producing “classy and sassy” activewear, designed to support fitness of any form, for any woman.


Founded by mum of two, Claire Turpin, this female-focused fitness brand was created with passion, hard work, and the aim to boost body image for all females. Contur enhances natural feminine curves, encouraging women to focus on their fitness.


Additionally, Contur is a brand that surpasses simply making you look good no matter how sweaty your workout may have been; this sustainable brand uses repurposed nylons and recycled cottons, whilst maintaining high quality in each of their pieces. 


Shop Contur now.


4. Stay Wild Swim

Taking your swimwear game to the next level, Stay Wild Swim is one of the first female-founded swim wear brand to encompass both sass and sustainability all at the same time!


Founded by Natalie Glaze and Zanna Van Dijk who were raised with a deep love for the sea, connecting with each other enabled them to produce this beautiful brand in order to give back to the ocean by fighting against marine pollution.


Each beautiful piece is produced using ECONYL®; regenerated nylon derived from unwanted waste around the world, including everything from fishing nets to fabric scraps. This material is then re-created into high quality techno fibre, giving each swim suit a premium, durable, and shaping texture that is perfect for swimming.


Shop Stay Wild Swim now. 


5. Satva

This brand integrates purity from inside out; from the values that they stand so strongly by, to the production process, to the very product itself.


Founded by Puja Barar, a fashion designer in New York City, she soon felt the urge to push the limitations of the fashion industry and bring to life what she realised was missing. 


Satva translates to “pure” in Sanskrit, and it very much embodies it as well. This athleisure brand was built upon a foundation of incredibly powerful values; including everything from giving back to the planet, to improving the livelihood of marginal organic farmers and communities in India. Using completely natural fabrics that are free from chemicals and pesticides, this purely organic material is elevated to create skin-friendly, comfortable activewear fit for all forms of fitness.


Shop Satva now.


Support your sisters, as well as the environment. 

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