Sasstainable X Future Neutral — What This Means For Sasstainable

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We are taking our mission to protect our environment one step further. We have partnered with Future Neutral; an organisation where-in their core purpose is to reduce the impact and severity of climate change, through working toward creating a carbon offset environment.

Who is behind Future Neutral?

Future Neutral was founded by brothers Oliver and Ben, who finally kicked their passion— or worry more-so—for the environment into action by launching Future Neutral in 2019. Upon travelling the world and seeing the effects of climate change firsthand, the prevalent changes in each and every country that they had the chance to visit powered their drive even more—they knew that they had to make a change.

What is Carbon Offset, and why is this important?

Carbon Offset refers to the offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide in particular. Although greenhouse gases play an important role in maintaining a healthy planet by providing us with warmth, humans are creating an excess of greenhouse gases through our everyday activities; as the concentration of greenhouse gases increase, as does our temperature.

As of far, climate change has already impacted the world in a multitude of ways. There have been extreme changes in weather throughout recent years, and we have already experienced an increase of 1.5 degrees from pre-industrial levels, which may sound small, but it is truly terrifying. If we do not act now, the continuous increase will most definitely be a dangerous one.

How does this work?

Through partnering with Future Neutral, you now have the option as a customer to add ‘carbon offset credits’ at checkout. The addition of these credits will go toward Future Neutral projects that work to offset greenhouse gases around the world.

Through each purchase, you can build up your credits in micropayments, that simultaneously building your impact on the environment.


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