How to have a Sustainable Spooky Season

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Tips for an eco-friendlier Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and we’re here for it! But what we can’t get behind is the waste and plastic tat that seems to come with it! So how can you make spooky season less frightening for the environment? Here’s some top tips for an eco-Halloween!

Pick your pumpkin personally!

Did you know that those giant pumpkins you see are often sprayed with pesticides to ensure they grow big and fast enough? That’s not to mention the carbon footprint of shipping them around the world. The solution? Buy organic, locally grown pumpkins. You can even make a day of it and head to a pumpkin patch!

Jack-o-Soup and curry and pie

Did you know that only about one fifth of pumpkins are grown for food? That means most aren’t even eaten! So if you picked your perfect pumpkin to carve a jack-o-lantern, don’t waste a single bit! Use the pumpkin’s flesh in soup, curry or pumpkin pie, and toast the seeds as a snack. This will prevent excess greenhouse emissions from pumpkins rotting in landfill.

Decorate your space

If you’re decorating for spooky season, don’t buy, upcycle! There’s lots of ways to get creative; think old newspapers for bunting, stuffing old stockings, painting leftover cardboard boxes, leaves and branches. If you are buying decorations, make sure they’re good quality so you’ll get several years’ use out of them – because we all know that single-use plastic waste is the scariest thing we can think of!

Dress up(cycle)!

Why buy costumes when you can shop your wardrobe? Get creative! Dig into the depths of your wardrobe, raid the dresser drawer. The second best option is to shop second hand – check out local thrift stores or try apps like Depop or Vinted. Bonus tip: Rather than buying masks or props like stick on moustaches, try face paints and make up instead! There are heaps of tutorials online – be sure to choose face paint or make up without lead, that is cruelty free, and contains no harmful toxins. You can even make your own fake blood!

Trick or treat  

If you’re putting out sweets to share, try buying candies that use less plastic wrapping (but do make sure no-one’s dipping sticky fingers into open bowls of unwrapped sweets!). Better still, why not bake your own vegan treats, and dole them out in paper bags that can be recycled (if at all!).

Bonus tip: If you or any kids you know are going trick or treating, try using a pillow case or cotton tote bag for loot rather than buying a plastic bucket. It’s better for the environment (and can probably hold more treats too!).

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