How to use silicone cupcake cases: 9 ways that don't involve baking!

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So you've made all the cupcakes and muffins from our recipe section - sweet and savoury - and now what do you do with your silicone cupcake cases?

We've got nine great uses for your Sasstainable reusable cupcake moulds that don't involve baking at all! Get creative in the kitchen with these ideas.

1. Peel garlic

Just pop a garlic clove in the centre of the cup and roll it on the counter or between your hands! It'll take the flaky skin right off, without giving you stinky fingers!

2. Freeze herbs in oil

Got leftover herbs that are starting to wilt in the fridge? Don't waste them! Chop them finely, then pop them into the cupcake cases and pour over some oil. Next time you're cooking, throw your frozen oil and herbs in the pan and you'll be good to go (just be careful that frozen oil might spit a bit!).

3. Unscrew bottle and jar lids

Silicone can help you get a good grip on those tough-to-turn jar lids and caps. Simply lay the cup upside down over the lid and turn.

4. Melt butter, chocolate or coconut oil

Recipe call for a couple spoons of melted butter, chocolate or coconut oil? Spoon out the solid into a silicone cupcake case, then pop it into the microwave for a short time to melt just the right amount!

5. Hold hot things

Silicone is a great insulator, which means for quick jobs it can help you grab smaller, hot handles.

6. Make iced coffee

Brew some coffee, pop it into the cupcake cases and freeze. Next time you make an iced coffee, instead of added ice cubes (that'll water down your beverage), add coffee cubes to your drink! Even better still, once they've set, pop them out of the cases and into a silicone pouch and keep a stockpile in your freezer for those hot days.

7. Spoon rest

Keep your counter clean while you're cooking - pop your spoon in a cupcake case to catch spills and stop them staining your kitchen top.

8. Serving snacks

Our silicone cupcake cases make great little serving cups for parties or for little ones —you can put small snacks in them like sweets, nuts, pretzels, popcorn and berries. 

9. Lunchbox dividers

Not just great for serving snacks, you can also use the cupcake cases to divide items in your lunchbox - you can build your own bento box!

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