How to Prioritise Self-Care as “Normality” Returns

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The shops are open, you’ve got plans to reunite with friends somewhere other than a park, and the era of the Zoom pub quiz seems to be over. As lockdown eases and a “new normal” arrives, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the return to a regular routine. After months of living and working almost entirely indoors at a slower pace, our bodies are no longer accustomed to the cortisol-inducing lifestyle of constantly being on the go — and while there are aspects of life we may be eager to get back to, now is an important time to reflect on how your needs or priorities may have changed since the start of lockdown.

Write it down

As life returns to normal, journalling is a great way to identify the aspects of your current routine that you’d like to preserve — and figure out the habits that no longer serve you. For example, while working from home may give you the extra hour in bed that you needed, it might also be linked to a less active lifestyle that is making you feel sluggish or unmotivated.

Reflect on your spending habits

Another example is spending habits and money: if you’ve been saving more during coronavirus due to not being able to go out, has this positively affected your motivation to become more financially responsible? How can you continue to stay on track with the progress you’ve made once you’re able to spend money more frequently? Be honest with yourself as you reflect on what has worked well for you since the beginning of quarantine, and what areas of your life you need to pay more attention to.  

Embrace the slow joys

Weekends may be getting busier with reunions and travel plans, but making sure to incorporate nurturing habits into your downtime can do wonders to reset your energy. Don’t forget all the slower joys of life that got you through lockdown, like curling up with a good book and a cup of tea, going for a long walk, baking Sweet Treats or watching movies with family members.

Schedule 'me' time

Committing to easy rituals that slow you down and help you regain perspective are even more important as the speed of life picks up again. A good rule of thumb to follow is for every social event in your diary, schedule in a more low-key activity on the same day (or the day after) to ensure you’re purposely carving out time to recalibrate and give back to yourself.



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