Upcycling is the New Sourdough

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How to upcycle, and making it your new favourite hobby

Still a new word to have entered the dictionary, upcycling is a fresh, modern, and most importantly, sustainable concept that has emerged only within the past few years.

Whilst upcycling has steadily grown within the past decade, it has also been progressively transforming the fashion industry, both challenging larger brands to become more ethical in their ways, as well as encouraging them.

So, what is upcycling?

A verb only added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011, this newfound term is defined by the practice of “reusing discarded items in order to create a product of higher value than the original”. Upcycling has mainly been used within the fashion industry, wherein brands work to utilise unused fabrics or products to make new ones, not only maintaining, but adding value to the garment.

Upcycling vs. Recycling

Whereas recycling items break down the material in order to reform another, therefore not only reducing the value of the item, but also using up a high amount of energy, upcycling, instead, repurposes items. This process therefore saves more energy, and even  adds to the value and quality of the product.

Why start Upcycling (Sourdough, who?)

Upcycling can be done by anyone, and it can also be done in a variety of different ways. This is an incredibly accessible hobby, and whilst doing so, you are also able to save money, reduce waste, and create incredibly unique pieces and products! Baking has been everyone’s new favourite hobby recently, but your oven mitts may have different a different purpose after reading this.

1. You can upcycle almost anything!

Whether it be using your old curtains to create a trendy yet protective mask, or old clothes to produce a colourful new rug, there are always things around you that you can upcycle!

Again, oven mitts, you better watch out.

2. You can save money, and earn it too

If you’ve been looking for an extra source of income throughout lockdown, this is the perfect way to start earning!

Make your next charity shop a whole spree—pick out a good range of choices, from furniture to Christmas jumpers, that you know you can re-design and transform. Whether you’d like to keep your creations for yourself, or sell them online, this is an amazing way to both save and make money.

3. It’s your own

Upcycling is a unique way to unleash your creativity, and create clothes, products, and furniture that you truly love. The practice of upcycling holds an abundance of freedom; use it a chance to truly show and express yourself and your style.

The bottom line…

Overall, the steady rise of people that are becoming aware of upcycling is an amazing sign that more and more people are also becoming more environmentally conscious. There is a continuous growth in the people that are looking to find new, sustainable options and hobbies, and upcycling is only one of them.

If you’re looking for a new hobby, upcycling is definitely one to look into.


Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash
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