Six Strong Resolutions, and Reasons to Practice Sustainability this January

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As we welcome in the new year, let us extend our usual list of resolutions towards helping our planet this 2021.  


After surviving an extraordinary year where people around the world quickly had to adapt  to the sudden changes that they were experiencing all at once, many of us are entering  2021 with a much stronger mindset after the many lessons learnt, and growth undergone.  


Whether 2020 was a year of serene solitude, or sudden success for you, we are sure that everyone is entering 2021 with a newfound ambition to achieve any goals that did not go  to plan last year. Why not add contributing to the betterment of our planet to your list of New Years Resolutions for 2021?  


Here are 6 Strong Resolutions, and Reasons to Practice Sustainability in 2021:


  1. I aim to buy second hand clothing this year.  

Through making the conscious decision to purchase second hand clothing, you are  tremendously reducing your contribution to waste, the rapid growth of landfills, and even  the demand for unessential resources.  

Buying new clothes may be a fun way to treat yourself, however the experience for our  environment is the complete opposite. In the U.K alone, over 11 million items of clothing  are dumped into landfills every single week, however charity shops are doing an  incredible job at making a change, by saving a large amount of these potentially wasted  clothes and reselling them. Oxfam, a well known charity shop, claims that it saves  clothing weighing the equivalent of the Eiffel Tower every year from landfill.  


  1. I aim to buy plastic-free produce this year.  

The rise in plastic-wrapped produce appearing in supermarkets is also causing a rapid  rise in the plastic pollution within our oceans. This is harmfully impacting marine life, as  well as our environment. 

Fresh produce is more than safe to eat without being wrapped in plastic, and it is a simple  change that we can all work towards making. Plastic free produce can usually be found at  your local grocers or local farms, and it is now slowly being made available within widely  known supermarkets in the U.K. 


  1. I aim to make more conscious choices when buying disposable items. 

We are so used to buying certain items over and over again, that we do not even realise just how much of this item we are repeatedly consuming. These disposable items include plastic toothbrushes, non-biodegradable bin liners, plastic bags, and more. This  contributes to unnecessary wastage.  

Make more eco-friendly choices by replacing your usual plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush, seeking out biodegradable plastic options, and even investing in a one-use  bag that you can bring along with you whilst doing your shopping!  


  1. I aim to be more prepared when venturing out, to avoid using disposables and  consuming plastic-wrapped products.  

In the U.K, the quick-paced lifestyle that many of us live lead us to resort to ready-made  meals or on-the-go lunches. Whilst it is important that you are fueling yourself sufficiently  to get you through a busy day, these meals are usually wrapped in plastic and  unnecessary packaging, alongside plastic cutlery.  

If you are out and about, be prepared by bringing along a ready made meal in  sustainable tupperware, as well as a set of sustainable cutlery. Investing in these simple  items can make a tremendous impact on your sustainable efforts.  


  1. I aim to take on a more plant-based lifestyle.  

Your dietary choices also play a large role in protecting the environment; animal  agriculture is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation,  water wastage, water pollution, and so many more issues that our environment is faced  with.  

By making the change to consume a more plant-rich diet, you are also making the choice  to support mother Earth. This is a highly more sustainable way for our planet to thrive, as  it greatly reduces the required resources that are used to produce meat and dairy.  


  1. I aim to be vocal about my eco-friendly choices.  

Do not be afraid to share your values with the people around you. Living a more eco friendly lifestyle is slowly becoming more of a necessity as the world continues to suffer,  rather than a choice, therefore, do not be ashamed to openly discuss why and how you  are making more sustainable choices. This could plant the seed for many of your friends  and family, and truly change the way that they live.  



Although many of us may have a number of large goals lined up for 2021, let us not  forget to include the environment in our vision for what the future holds. The planet’s  wellbeing is just as important as our own. 

Together, let us make 2021 our most environmentally-conscious year yet.

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