Sustainable Selfie

Posted by Steph Elswood on

#SustainableSelfie was born at the beginning of 2019. I wanted to create a hype and movement on social media that would encourage people to share their positive, every day changes that they were making to help the planet. I don’t believe in preaching or being forceful online. I don’t think that it is beneficial to shout and tell people what they’re doing wrong. I much prefer to lead by example and to quietly promote easy, sustainable changes. 


I used the hashtag #SustainableSelfie whenever I had my Reusable water bottle, coffee cup or snap-wear lunch boxes and was amazed by how many people jumped on board! 


I would love to help inspire you to join me in this movement. Share the hashtag, ask your friends to get involved and let’s make a difference together! 


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