Respect for the Planet - The Bamboo Foundation

Posted by Steph Elswood on

We are proud to declare our partnership with Plantations International. We are part of a new scheme ensuring that a percentage of each sale goes back into the growing of the bamboo and  to the hard working farmers. We want to make sure that our bamboo is grown in the most sustainable way possible.

Through Plantations International we know that there are valuable restrictions to the wood being over harvested and that it is grown within existing agricultural grounds. We do not wish to contribute to deforestation and vow that our actions will not add to vegetation being harmed to make way for our bamboo farms. 

Plantations International insist that their farmers are well trained to conduct their activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and that they are paid fairly for their bamboo crops. Our factory also pays this charge and work with Plantation International to source the bamboo used in the making of our products.

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