Why i've created Sasstainable

Posted by Steph Elswood on

My name is Stephanie-May Elswood and I am the founder of ‘Sasstainable’. Living sustainably is an active choice and my dream is to make it easy and accessible for everyone. By releasing ethically sourced and made products I hope to encourage others to make small adaptations to their lifestyle that will have a huge impact on our planet. 

My sustainability journey started about 2 years ago. After watching a few documentaries on the negative effects of animal agriculture to the environment, I decided to go vegetarian. A few months later I participated in ‘veganuary’ and found that it fit into my lifestyle seamlessly. I felt amazing, energised and knew that I would never turn back. Veganism became second nature. I no longer needed to think about it. However, I knew that I could make more of a difference. I spent time researching into other changes and steps that I could take to become a more sustainable human. 

I am by no means perfect but I am willing to learn. I want to take you on my sustainable journey with me so we can all educate ourselves and do the best that we can to help and respect our planet. 

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