The Three Practices to Find Beauty in Everyday Life

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The Three Practices to Find Beauty in Everyday Life

Are you struggling to find a reason to wake up in the morning?


Be strong, arise from your bed, and make it a choice to find the beauty within the day ahead. This can be hard at times, however taking these steps slowly and steadily can yield powerfully positive results.


Mindset is everything. There are always going to be hurdles that we must face within our lives that can easily dampen our mood, however the way that we think can overpower these and make almost every situation seem much more positive. 


To help guide you in finding the beauty in everyday life, here are our top three favourite practices:


1. An act of compassion 



An act of compassion can change the entirety of your day. This breaks you out of your bubble by actively showing love, and studies show that doing so can give an immediate boost in oxytocin, otherwise known as “the cuddle hormone”!


Overall, showing compassion through a random act of kindness, whether to a friend, family member, or stranger, has been proven to not only make the recipient feel more loved, but yourself as well. 


2. Practicing gratitude 


There are countless things within all of our lives that we can be grateful for, however these usually go unnoticed. 


As human beings, it is natural for us to constantly strive for growth, therefore we tend to focus on the objects or experiences that we lack, motivating us to continue moving forward. However, we can sometimes focus on the have-nots so much so that it leaves us feeling disheartened. 


Counteract these feelings with the powerful emotion that is gratitude. The list of things that one can be grateful for is endless, no matter what the situation; from our ability to walk and talk, to having a roof over our heads. Through doing so, we are able to completely change our perspective from miserable to miraculous in just a few minutes or less.


This can be practiced from when you wake up, to the moments that you are feeling your lowest. Make practicing gratitude a daily habit, and watch just how much this can transform your way of thinking.


3. Immerse yourself in nature 



There is nothing that fresh air can’t fix. 


Studies have shown that through spending more time outside, this can immensely improve an individual’s mood, and relieve feelings of stress and depression. Mind has recorded this response from an incredible percentage of 95% of those interviewed.


A nearby park may be your perfect stress solution, however, if you do not have access to this, a walk around your neighbourhood or even to your local supermarket and back can be just as impactful.




You are capable of transforming your day with practices as simple as these. Your happiness is in your hands, and although it can be a struggle at times to find the motivation to take action, remember that the positive outcome will always be impossible to regret. 

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