The 3 Best Emotional Exercises to Heal Your Relationship with Food

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The 3 Best Emotional Exercises to Heal Your Relationship with Food



Food is integral within our lives. It is a large part of our everyday routine, our very history, and who we are as individuals; our relationship with food can be very intimate, however this can also mean it can complicate things.


In a society so saturated with information around food and food habits, this can initiate the act of labelling food, and transform the way that we view such an essential part of our lives. Once an individual begins to view food as “good” or “bad”, this can initiate the feeling of guilt around certain foods, and start to morph our relationship with this very vital element of our lives.


One of the ways that we can tackle this issue and begin to re-build a positive relationship with food is through actively working on our emotions towards it. We can practice this through emotional fitness.


Emotional fitness is defined as the ability to manage your emotions, and build your resilience. This encourages emotional growth, particularly for those who require support for their mental health.


Here are 3 emotional exercises that can help you grow a more positive relationship with food:


1. The Negative Nine 

If you are in a state of overthinking with regards to your next meal and begin to feel overcome by a wave of worry, take the time to list down nine of your negative thoughts, and combat them with nine positive thoughts, or more! These can include positive traits, what you love about your body, and why you are excited to eat your next meal.


2. Mirror Work 

This more recently discovered self love practice or emotional exercise is an intimate way of transforming the way that you not only view, but talk to yourself, particularly with regards to body image.


This can be practiced by voicing affirmations in the mirror, and being conscious of you mentally respond. Continuously repeat these affirmations until you feel a sense of comfort. This can be transcendental for your self love journey.


3. Conscious Communication

Whilst eating a meal or food that you may feel more uncomfortable with, execute conscious communication within yourself. Ask yourself how you are feeling, and replace any worrisome thoughts with more empowering thoughts. This can slowly break down the negative thought patterns that you possess around food and food labels.


Food has multiple facets to how it functions, including everything from nourishment to pleasure. Let us begin to enjoy food, and appreciate it for all that it is. If you are aware of any negative patterns around it, you have already taken the first step. The next step is to simply take action.

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