5 Sustainable and Vegan-friendly Chocolate Brands You Need to Try

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With Easter soon on its way, chocolate is on our minds—however in truth, when is it not? 


With a wide and only continuously growing range of excellent vegan chocolate options now available everywhere from supermarket shelves, to online stores, we are truly spoilt for choice this Easter.


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To help you whittle your chocolate choices down, here are Sasstainable’s five top picks that are both vegan- and environmentally-friendly.



1. Seed and Bean 

With an excitingly vast range of up to 18 flavours infused into 100% organic cacao beans, this excellently ethical brand creates artisan chocolate designed to please everyone, no matter what your chocolate preferences may be.


Their beautifully colourful packaging is completely compostable, including their Natureflex™ inner foil which is made from eucalyptus pulp.


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2. Land

A London-based chocolate brand based in the heart of Hackney, Land was launched by Phil Landers with the intention to elevate the cacao game.


After exploring the Cacao origins of the world including Nicaragua and Guatemala, Phil focuses on creating chocolate from the complex varieties of cacao that are available around the world, whilst ethically sourcing his beans.


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3. Pico

With excellence on their minds, Pico chocolate is artistically crafted with skill and passion. Each of their bars are made with ethically sourced beans, that are then hand-crafted by experts in Switzerland.


Each of their bars are created with the high quality cacao beans from South and Central America. Each of their bars are flavoured to perfection, including options from Salted Caramel (our personal favourite!), to Mint Crisp.


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4. Cacao Crudo

Cacao Crudo is the first company to produce raw chocolate in Italy, using premium Peruvian Amazonian cacao beans. 


Through their nourishing recipe crafted by chefs alongside the approval of a team of nutritionists, their products are designed to retain the rich nutritional value of cacao, whilst still tasting devilishly delicious.


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5. De Villiers

Cacao created unlike any other. 


This South African based cacao brand uses the unique cocoa beans from the Bundibugyo region of Western Uganda, sourced from the ravishing Rwenzori mountains. 


Carefully handcrafted, this chocolate is also certified keto-friendly and free from soya, gluten, artificial ingredients, and palm oil, using ethically sourced beans.


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This amazing array of chocolate options will have your secret stash of treats filled to the brim by Easter. Start stocking up!

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