Six Sustainability Practices That We Will Never Take for Granted Again Post-Lockdown

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Since the sudden commencement of the very first national lockdown, most of the habits and practices that we had in place had taken a complete 180. Due to the switch-up in our routines, there are multiple things that we are now unable to do without going against the national restrictions or risking one’s health, however, these are now practices that we will appreciate so much more when they are available to us once again.


Now that the end of lockdown is in sight, we have listed our favourite eco-friendly habits that we will soon be able to re-incorporate into our routines. You may have even forgotten a few of them even existed!


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1. Charity Shopping 

Charity shopping is not only affordable, it is also an amazingly simple and accessible eco-friendly practice that everyone can do. Charity shopping offers the option to both sustainably dispose of unwanted items, as well as re-use and upcycle donated items.


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2. Litter Picking

This may have still been an option throughout the recent lockdowns, however it has been occurring much less due to the governments advice to stay home. Once lockdown is over, we will not only be given the freedom to begin litter picking once again, but we will also be able to practice this in groups, making even more of an impact!


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3. Peaceful Protests

Peaceful protests are a calm and communal way of spreading an important message. We will soon see these occurring once again, providing us all the opportunity to lovingly spread the word about saving the environment in any way that we can.


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4. Supporting Local, Plant Based Restaurants 

We have recently seen a large rise in the number of plant-based restaurants, particularly in the UK, however being suddenly hit with not just one, but multiple lockdowns, the hospitality industry has largely been affected. 


Our local, plant-based restaurants need our support more than ever. Once hospitality is finally, fully accessible to the public as normal, why not make the most of it by scheduling all of your brunch, lunch, dinner, and coffee dates in a plant-based restaurant near you?


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5. Eco-Friendly Events

Eco-friendly events are an amazing way to meet like-minded people. Attending these events can strengthen your values even further, through affirming your beliefs and enabling you to talk freely about what you are passionate about.


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5. Purchasing Plastic-Free Produce

COVID-19 has undoubtedly increased the fear around the spreading of germs, therefore this has led to a stark increase in the consumption of plastic-wrapped produce. 


As we steadily go through the final stages of lockdown, let us also begin to cut down on our consumption of plastic as much as we can, and return to being mindful of the produce that we buy.




With not long left to go, we will soon be able to return to “reality” with more gratitude than ever. Many practices that we used to be accustomed to are soon to become practices that we will never take for granted again.


What are you looking forward to most?

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