Zero-Waste, Lockdown-Friendly Valentines Date Ideas

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Although Valentines Day plans for this year may require some changing due to the current restrictions, it does not mean that you have any less of a chance at making it romantic! Let us adjust to these times, and make the most out of what we have by turning this year’s day of love into the cosiest and most creative one yet! 


Whether it be changing the atmosphere inside your home for the evening, arranging a week’s worth of zoom dates, or even planning a fun trip to the supermarket (which is, interestingly enough, the closest thing that we can all get to a vacation at the moment), there are plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day 2021 amazing. 

Here are a few fun date ideas, that are not only lockdown-friendly, but also waste-free:


valentines day ideas

1. Romantic scavenger hunt

Hide sweet and sentimental, Earth-friendly gifts around the home for your significant other to find. Turn up the romance by lighting soy candles, preparing a special playlist, and ending this activity with a freshly home cooked dinner.


vegan ice cream

2. Vegan-friendly ice cream making

Rather than buying store-bought ice cream, why not try making ice cream together, to be enjoyed with a movie? 


We are lucky enough to now be spoilt for choice when it comes to vegan ice cream, so it may be fun to change things up and create your own fun and unique flavours in the comfort of your own home!


vegan baking recipes

3. Zoom bake date

If you and your partner cannot be together this Valentines Day due to Lockdown restrictions, schedule a date to bake all of your favourite sweet treats together over Zoom.  


Why not make a batch of these gorgeous Espresso Chocolate Chip Scones? 

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valentines date ideas

4. A cosy outdoor picnic and a movie 

If you have a garden, why not use it to your advantage this Valentines Day? Make a cosy outdoor seating area where the two of you can watch a movie and eat snacks together all night. 


P.S. Extra snuggles are required for warmth.


valentines day

5. Double dates from a distance

Double the love this Valentines Day, and plan a double date over Zoom! Together, you can attempt a fun dance class, binge watch Bridgerton, or try out a new dinner recipe.



A few of our favourite holidays have now been turned upside down to the current pandemic, however what these restrictions have truly opened our eyes to is that being surrounded by the people we love most is what is most important.


Find your own way to make this Valentines Day special. Also, this gives you all the more reason to make up for it in the next one to come, so get planning.

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