The Science Behind Resilience | The Secret to Sticking to your New Year's Resolutions

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Entering a new year encourages everyone to take on a whole new, positive mindset. It is an opportunity to start fresh, and the newfound motivation that most people experience within the first few weeks of the year can effectively drive one into action for the most part, however is this motivation enough to fuel your drive through the remaining months to come?


We have created 3 strong, science-proven steps that you can use to not only achieve your new year’s resolutions, but also any list of goals that you set in the months to come.


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Step 1

Science says, the secret behind sticking to your new years resolutions is creating a strong list, backed by strong values. Creating a list of clearly defined, achievable goals is the first effective step toward change. This can provide you with a clear vision of your desires, making you even more excited about achieving each item on your list.


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Step 2

Make your goals known to the people around you. According to research, sharing your goals acquires a much higher succession rate. This not only adds a positive sense of pressure to achieving your goals, this also allows the people around you to contribute to your needed dose of daily motivation by showing their love and support every step of the way. 


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Step 3

Build your resilience. Resilience is one’s ability to thrive no matter how tough the situation may become. If you believe that your motivation is beginning to falter, resilience is what will get you through.


Here are a few practices that you can take on in order to build your resilience:

  1. Change your style of thinking
  2. Practice self compassion 
  3. Face your fears
  4. Learn to go the extra mile
  5. Meditation


These practices will allow you to build your ability to understand who you truly are, as well as what you are truly capable of. This will prepare you to tackle any hurdle that you may face along the way.



We are entering the year striving for change within our external realities, however these changes cannot unfold until you nurture who you are from within. The magic of accomplishment lies simply in mindset. 

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